Wednesday, February 22, 2006


We came across Black Ridge slowly in the evening, awed by the sight of Buffalo Mountain looming dark against a sky glowing with color. Flattening clouds spanned the horizon, gold and copper lining a changing drape of crimson that nestled against the hills. A cheerful black dog trotted along the fence line, skirting an expanse of snow silvered by the setting sun. Dark shadows muted the hills.

I got a couple of inches done of the scarf; there wasn't as much knitting time as I thought but at least I remembered how! By the time we got home and settled I didn't get much done, but I managed to finish a bobbin with Coopworth.

It's raining this morning but at least it's fairly warm. Yesterday's nice morning made the day's chores easy; the rabbits were able to get good drinks and the bottles won't be frozen today. Much nicer for me, too. Then if the weather stays warm enough I'm planning a trip to town with the favorite cousin. Rain won't bother us but ice will stop us from venturing!

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