Saturday, February 11, 2006

Really Snowing, at Last!

Snowy February Day
Snowy Morning

When I got up to let TJ a couple of inches of snow had already fallen. The puppy hesitated on the top step, reluctant to touch this strange surface that had mysteriously appeared overnight. Then, with a yelp of mingled fear and delight, Georgia dog plunged down the steps, big paws scattering icy crystals as he went. He ran circles and then flew back to the house, uncertain and a bit timid.

Just after daylight I looked out to see that the birds were already crowding the empty feeders, so I took both dogs back out with me to tend to the chores of feeding birds and cats. With Lily along TJ was much braver; she enjoys snow and he takes his cues from her. Soon he was discovering the joy of plowing his nose through the snow (joy for a dog; I wouldn't care for it!). And of course it was more fun romping with Lily when he could get thoroughly soaked and scatter snow to the four winds!

Cats in the Snow
We are not amused.

The cats do not find much joy in a snowfall. The calico cat was snug in the barn, and didn't come up for breakfast at all. Malachi doesn't mind weather much and was sitting out on a post this morning with his back covered in snowflakes. Mani, the tabby, came out to eat from his refuge on the porch; he carefully avoided letting any wet touch him as he navigated his way to the shelf for his meal. After he eats Malachi will probably slip inside to snooze the day away on the back of the couch and watch the birds. Yesterday I saw an odd little bird creeping up the trunk of the apple tree. It was only a flash; he was so quick. I don't think it was the woodpecker but couldn't be sure in the evening light.

Yesterday we worked more on my sister-in-law's web page, reworking the home page, adding information about the corn maze they are planning and some pictures from last year's festivals. I don't have all the pictures arranged quite the way I want and there are more to scan in and add, but the site is shaping up nicely.

Then last night my friend Kym and I went to dinner and did a little shopping. We had a lovely time over our meal, although she is still very sad about the loss of dog Roxy. It's going to take some time. We visited the bookstore to browse; I saw lots of interesting knitting books but decided to wait until I could try to learn to knit again before buying! Picked up some puppy food because TJ was out and then headed over the hills under a sky that was starting to cloud over. I managed to resist the temptation to stock up on milk and bread, once again!

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