Friday, February 17, 2006

Quiet Routines

I woke up early this morning to hear the wind howling in the eaves and banging the windows on the porch. It picked up last night, and when I walked with the dogs around the barn last night they were both nervous of the rattle of loose tin and the moan of the wind in the nearby woods. Clouds covered the sky when I got up, but the wind has scattered them and hints of blue are straining through overhead. The snow is nearly all melted; a few patches are lying in the shadows of the woods and along cold spaces by the creek.

The warm day yesterday was wonderful to work in. I raced through the watering and feeding chores, promising the bunnies some cleaning when I came back. The rabbits are all feeling fine; with the warmer days they are getting plenty of water and eating well. If it gets cold again I may have to rethink water bowls; they just don't seem to be an effective way, at least for me, to keep water in front of the rabbits.

A quick trip through the lovely hills of Floyd County, and then I settled in front of the computer to work on my web page. I've done some remodeling, must be spring, at Greenberry House. I only managed to get the first two pages done, but I plan to dress up the rest, simplify some things and try to make it easier to get around. There are a lot of pages on the site. I deleted a couple and added a link to the blogs in place of them. Last night I realized that my book review section might work better as a blog; have to think about that.

Woolybuns Snickers
Woolybuns Snickers

I sheared this lovely doe yesterday afternoon, just before the wind picked up. I harvested a nice nine ounces of beautiful wool from her, with a gorgeous color. To me the color matters as much, if not more, than the quantity, when I'm looking at a colored animal. Snickers was in a wonderful mood, very sweet and patient with shearing. I think she was enjoying the sunshine. It was hard to get a picture of her because my calico cat came to inquire what was going on. As you can see, Snickers wasn't frightened by the cat but she was curious and wouldn't look up for her portrait!

Snickers was also in another mood, so I popped her in with my lovely lynx buck, Delly's Delight Quenten, so see if she was interested in being a mother. She was, so hopefully we'll see some lovely chocolate colored bunnies in the middle of March! I'm eyeing a couple of other girls in the barn that are close to their shearing dates, thinking to take advantage of the sunshine and warmer days!

Not so much progress on the knitting yesterday but I did a few rows. I finished spinning the silk bell and need to hunt up another bobbin for the next part of the project I plan. Crocheting has been neglected but it's taking all my concentration for the knitting. I still haven't totally gotten the hang of the rhythm of sliding the stitches from one needle to the other. I've been checking in on some of the Olympic knitters and I'm seeing some lovely and challenging work. Go, knitters, go!

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