Sunday, February 26, 2006

Peaceful Day, Mostly

We had a quiet day yesterday. It was cool but the sun finally came out in the evening. I worked on the computer, trying to dress up my sales web page and working on an article about my grandmother. I think it may wind up being a series! She was an intelligent person living in interesting and changing times. In the afternoon I wound off the skein of silk/Coopworth and started another.

Then we ran up to Galax to dinner with my brother and his family. Nice time with good food at the barbeque place. Galax is becoming a lovely downtown; lots of interesting little shops. It's fun to watch people going by and see attractive shop windows while walking down a street. Not a part of country life!

In the evening we settled down to watch a DVD, and I was plying yarn when I smelled something burning. Dad was sitting by the heater, which I had trouble with, and the dogs were playing around in front of him. I got up and couldn't find any problems, so I figured the smell came from when I had to restart the heater. In a few minutes Lily came around where I could see her and she had somehow scorched her tail! I was NOT happy; I couldn't see what the dogs were doing from my position because Dad was blocking my view. Lily has this long, flowing hair on her tail and it was burned and shriveled in a large patch near the tip. I combed it out and it looks fine this morning, but I'm going to supervise playtime closer until spring. Dad is not a good dogsitter!

Sunny this morning but cold. I woke in the night to hear the wind roaring, and looked out on a dark sky with glittering stars that looked chill and hard. It's going to be hard to get started with chores after the pretty warm days!

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