Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Got to Town

but didn't get as much done as I had hoped. The computer didn't cooperate down at the store where I'm helping him set up and Dad got tired. So we came on back up the mountain after a nice lunch at Honduras Coffee Company. It's a neat little place, good food and a nice atmosphere. And a little different for our area!

There was a little snow on the ground down below, but daffodils are spiking up and I think we saw a groundhog waddling across the road. Ten degrees temperature between here and there make a lot of difference in the seasons.

Spent the rest of the day putting together another article for the Blue Ridge Gazette, blowing my own horn a little. And adding links. If anyone in the Blue Ridge Mountains, from Pennsylvania to Georgia and the states in between, reads this and is a crafter, please send me your link or add a comment. We'll put you up on the Gazette. A reciprocal link would be nice, too!

Spent some more time spinning Coopworth yesterday. While I was upstairs in the studio I found lots more spun silk; I'm going to have fun with this stuff! The washed skein turned out nice, and didn't kink up, wriggle or do anything horrible. The wool is a bit fluffier between the silk, which makes it very soft!

Today I have to take Dad to Roanoke to the doctor; lots of knitting time!

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