Saturday, February 04, 2006


Shetland Fleece Out to Dry
Shetland Fleece from Thistle Cove Farm

Another gorgeous day yesterday, and I pulled off a small section of the Shetland fleece first thing to wash. It dried beautifully outside in the sun, with no wind to lift it from the improvised drying rack atop a rabbit cage. I imagine TJ would have fun if he found a fleece within reach!

For the rest of the day I was remarkably unambitious. I needed to shear a doe but just couldn't find my scissors anywhere. Irritated me, since I'm usually not quite so disorganized. I worked on the computer instead, wound off the Coopworth I spun up into a center pull ball, and started a crocheted scarf that so far I'm not satisfied with. Maybe it will look better to me this morning.

Since I was so uninspired, I took off to town to go to the bank. Lily went with me. Since we have our own truck now she can go along and she loves it. At least for short trips. When we were traveling a lot she got tired of it, I think. At the bank the drive-in teller gave Lily a treat!

When we got back I found my scissors, wadded up in one of the dogs' beds. I wonder how they got there?

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