Monday, February 20, 2006



Haven't had a dose of puppy cuteness here lately.

We had a quiet day yesterday. It warmed up a good bit outside and some snow melted, but the air didn't feel warm enough to me to get out and do much. So I settled in after the morning's computer stuff to watch Oliver's Travels, a charming BBC production recommended by the favorite cousin, and knit. The scarf is coming along. I'm astonished as to how much scarf I'm getting from a skein of yarn. I may be able to make a couple with the pound I dyed with the walnut dye.

Yarn Experiment
Two Ply Silk and Wool Yarn

I've had in mind an experiment in plying, using one ply of the silk I spun from a painted silk bell and one ply of white wool. I chose the Coopworth I just got back from Wooly Knob Fiber Mill. It spins up into a delightful creamy white and I really liked the finished yarn when I plyed the silk and wool together. I've plied other fibers like this but never silk and wool. The test will be what it looks like after it is washed.

Closeup of Silk/Wool Yarn
Silk/Wool Yarn

Time is passing so fast, and I really need to have some interesting yarns and fibers to sell this summer. This week is going to be so busy and there is something I have to go do every day. Hope the weather lets me. This morning it is snowing again, so I may have to put off the trip to town. There's only an inch but I have to have my dad take me, and I'm not sure how keen he'll be to tackle the mountain.

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