Saturday, February 25, 2006

Colors of Life

Spent most of a lovely day yesterday working on my sister-in-law's web page. She came over and we scanned some pictures, then I settled in to work on their "About Us" page. TJ ran in and out all afternoon, because it was so nice outside. I flew through the web page work, and the time really passed quickly. I didn't realize how much time until I was done! Poor Sue! She had worked hard on a page to go with the pictures, but when I got into it I realized that we really needed to be pushing the theme of what they're doing here, I changed everything. I can be too pushy, I'm afraid. Sue seemed to like the result, though. I posted a slightly different version of the page as an article at Blue Ridge Gazette this morning.

In the evening after spending so much time working on the computer, I took Lily for a walk down Concord Road. The air is still chill enough to feel like winter, but the sun was bright and it felt warm after we got moving. Lily really enjoyed getting out, with her nose to the ground! We visited with my mom and Wendell, and had fun going through albums looking for old family photographs for an article I'm planning about my grandmother. Then we headed back with Lily secured in the back of Wendell's pickup, an exciting mile drive for her!

Last night I filled a bobbin with the purple and black silk, plied with a Coopworth single. The resulting yarn is more subtle in color than the flashes of turquoise and pink that show up on the first yarn I made with this technique. Dawn suggested the name "Colors of Life" for this line of yarn. I like that and think the purple and black will be called "Passion and Shadow". Not sure what I'll call the first one, something with jewels or something.

Today dawned gray and cool; the weather is supposed to make a drastic change to cold by Monday. But I've enjoyed these days without frozen water bottles! Dad has been out walking every day to try to get his blood sugar numbers back to normal. He really doesn't enjoy the cold, though, and will retreat to his books when the chilly winds hit. We're looking for a treadmill for next winter!

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