Friday, February 10, 2006

Cold Weather Odds and Ends

The snow vanished into sunshine yesterday morning. But the weather stayed cold, below freezing, and I filled water bowls for the rabbits instead of water bottles. The birds hit the feeders early; it was all I could do to stand going out to fill them in the early morning wind. I saw a larger woodpecker yesterday at one of the feeders I fill with sunflower seeds. I think he was a red-headed woodpecker but I didn't get much chance to observe him. Four noisy blue jays are trying to patrol the area and keep all the other birds away. The little ones are quick, though, and seem to take care of themselves just fine.

Since it was so cold, I stayed in and worked on the computer most of the day. Spruced up the other blog a little, more to see if I could do some designing myself in the template than for any other reason. But I added some resource links and pictures. Had to get Lily on there!

Filled a bobbin with the Coopworth; need to wind that off today and start another. Dad and I made a dash to town to pick up bunny feed, since the forecast is for snow over the weekend. It was a quiet, clear night; doesn't seem possible for a storm to move in but conditions change fast sometimes. There are thin clouds above this morning and a chill to the early sunlight.

My sister-in-law is coming over in the afternoon to work on her web page. My mother says that my great-aunt, who had surgery yesterday, is doing pretty well. A cold time for them to be traveling up and down the mountain to be with her.

The wind has picked up a little, the bare vines of the Virginia creeper on the house are rattling against the window. Small birds are huddled in the apple tree, waiting for me to brave the cold and fill the feeders. The cats will be ranged on the shelf in the pale sun near their food bowls, and will try to hurry me along with yowls and weaving capers around my legs as they lead me over to the dishes. As if I've forgotten the way!

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