Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Fluffed Up Shetland Wool
Shetland Wool, Teased by Hand

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, so after morning chores and some bill paying and account balancing, I started spinning the Shetland wool I washed. It's lovely to work with. I've been just grabbing a handful here and there from the washed wool, teasing it up by hand and then spinning. Filled nearly a bobbin yesterday while watching Dorothy Sayers mysteries on DVD. A few minutes carelessness taught me that TJ is very good at teasing wool! Unfortunately he doesn't know when to quit! No real harm was done to either fleece or puppy.

Another cold day yesterday, more seasonable than January has been. There is a bit of ice on the pond. A few flakes of snow drifted around me as I worked morning and evening. The dogs romped, to keep warm, I think, but hurried in when I beckoned. Malachi haunts the back door, darting inside at every opportunity.

Last night I worked more on the crocheted scarf. I think it's going to need some sort of border; haven't decided. Very soft; this is some of my last millspun from my first run. I'd like to have the next run done in 50% wool and 50% angora, but the 60% merino and 40% angora from the first run is pretty nice!

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