Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Around the House

Chilly Rhododendron
Northern Wall

I came home from a meeting yesterday evening to discover that we had no heat. No gas. Chilly night on the couch with Lily finally managing to crawl up somehow and take my pillows! I've called the gas company; hope they get here soon!

Yesterday morning I went down to the bunny house to discover that several rabbits hadn't cleaned up their pellets. Not a great thing. It stayed very cold the day before and I had to take down water for bowls. Some of them froze over quickly and some were dumped. The rabbits that ate well had ice in their bowls; I suppose they got more water. I took water bottles down during the day, hoping they would have time to drink before the sipper tubes froze up. A few of them did freeze but I thawed them back out one more time. Heading down in a few minutes to see how everyone is doing.

Coopworth Walnut Dyed Skeins
Walnut Dyed Coopworth

Contrary to the information I found about walnut dyeing, the skeins did not dry any lighter than they appeared after I rinsed them. I expected this caramel color because of pictures that I'd seen, but every comment was that they would lighten. Now that they are dry, I think they look a little darker than they did when they were wet. It could be the light, of course. Natural dyes are very subtle in color.

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