Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wild Times

Play time
Lily and TJ, happy at last.

During the night last night the wind woke me, roaring around the house and rattling windows and doors. I looked out to see the apple tree limbs twisting under a crescent moon in an otherwise dark sky. Lily snuggled with me on the bed, and it was cozy to listen, safe and warm with such a loyal little companion!

I've got her now!
I've got her now!

There have been some wild romps around here lately, now that Lily has decided that having a puppy around isn't so bad. She's older than dog Lucky and can't play as long and as hard, but she does her part to use up TJ's energy! They squabble over the toys; Lily isn't good at sharing. Last night we went over to my brother's so that I could help Sue with some computer stuff. TJ came along and had a happy play time with Lucky.

Poor TJ had a frightening experience yesterday. Lily likes to lay under the computer desk near my feet. Since TJ is her little shadow and mocks her every move, I pulled all the cords up off the floor to keep him from chewing them. They were tumbling around under the desk and apparently a cord had slipped down and formed a noose. Of course TJ managed to get it wrapped around his neck, and of all the howling when he discovered it. Lily thought he was killed, and stayed right in my face as I crawled under the desk and groped around trying to release him. When he was free at last TJ crept into my lap, humbled and shaking, for comfort!

Greenberry's Amber
Greenberry's Amber

I sheared this lovely doe in the afternoon, after a morning of computer work. Amber is one of my favorite crosses because of the gorgeous color in the wool she produces. She's only 57% German and doesn't produce huge quantities of wool, but what there is is all beautiful color with little matting. I really enjoy spinning the wool from this line, because they have some Satin Angora in their background. Amber's wool has a slick feel and a shimmer that I adore when I spin it.

The bunny with the tummy upset, the Alm Uncle, is doing fine now, relieved of his heavy wool coat and with a couple of days of just hay to settle his digestive system. He thanks you all for your sympathy!

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