Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sunshine Again

Sue's gourd
Sue's Owl at Home in California

Yesterday it rained. And fog rolled in to shut us away from the world in billowing dark clouds. Hard to be ambitious on such a day, although we did get out to the gym early. TJ refused to stay outside, even long enough for potty chores, and suffered a set back in his training as a result. Patience, patience! Lily came in soaked and disgruntled. I spent the day on computer chores, although I longed to be out with the bunnies.

This morning the sun is bright and the frost is burning off the grass in record time. The new steps are a little icy, there on the shady side of the house. The dogs are out romping in the new warmth, TJ following Lily and the cats around at a clumsy trot. I'm getting ready to clean up the house and then head out to the bunny barn for cleaning chores there. Early tomorrow morning we leave for Charleston. Everything here will be well looked after, but I don't want to leave behind a terrible mess.

My sister-in-law received pictures of her owl gourd, added to the collection in California. The new owner is very appreciative of her talents and the gourd has a place of honor in the collection.

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