Monday, January 30, 2006

Sun's Rise

After a day of rain and fog, the brilliance of the sun this morning seems almost unreal. The cockatiel is shouting a greeting to the light, and the dogs are out romping in the warmth of early morning. Cats are begging for breakfast.

Time rushes on, with a busy weekend that was full of activity, although little was accomplished! We went to town and got bunny feed and cleaned out the little truck. I worked some at the antique shop down the road and had nice visits with a few people, although customers were scarce because of the weather on Sunday. During the rainy, lazy late afternoon on Sunday after I left the shop; I dabbled around with the web pages, adding the No NAIS link to both blogs and catching up on a bit of blog reading myself.

Then after a light dinner we played Monopoly. Haven't played a game in years; and usually I lose. Except for Trivial Pursuit, because I know lots of really useless stuff. But I actually won last night, mostly due to a run of bad luck for the SO!

Thanks to the warm weather the starlings are nesting in the eaves. They've pulled a board away and we could hear the chicks chirping yesterday. I don't appreciate them as much as I do the other birds but I guess they are here to stay. When I went to feed the rabbits in the late evening drizzle, a flock of doves flew up from beneath the bird feeders. The wind was blowing so hard yesterday morning when I was feeding the feeders the little birds in the shrubs nearby were having trouble staying perched. They tried to fly forward and fell back, tumbling among the twigs in a flurry of feathers.

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