Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Simple Luxury

Simple Luxury
Crocheting Scarf from Brooks Farm Four Play Yarn

Back to this wonderful yarn; I adore working with it! This is a very simple pattern, just single crochet rows alternating with double crochet and chain stitch. I'm thinking to jazz it up a little with an unusual border and fringe. It's going to be a pleasure carrying this luxury project along to Charleston and working away at odd times. Just going to Charleston is luxury for me. I love walking through the beautiful parts of the city, admiring houses and gardens.

More simple luxury in quiet pleasures yesterday in warm weather. Happy dogs lounging in the sun, and lazy cats dawdling about their business while I worked on the bunny house and cleaned some cages. I get behind sometimes, especially in cold weather. For the first time in awhile rabbits were able to play outside, on dry ground that seemed warm. Birds filled the quince bush, preening in the sun and looking like plump little ornaments spread through the twiggy branches.
The simple pleasure of sitting in the barn, shearing a docile black doe while piles of gorgeous angora stacked up in the containers around me. Eliza had a mad race around the bunny pen when I released her; glad to be free of a heavy coat. All the rabbits seemed to enjoy the sun and some freedom of movement, and the inquisitive Labrador puppy that finally ventured down to investigate the pen was cause for curiosity rather than consternation.

More simple pleasures in the evening, settling into my crochet corner and starting the new scarf with the gorgeous Brooks Farm yarn. Lily curled up beside me, chin on paws, while TJ played himself into exhaustion at my feet. The day cooled as darkness came in, and I went to bed to read with my little bed shawl across my shoulders.

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