Thursday, January 19, 2006

Puppy Camp

Tj stayed with my brother's family while we were gone. They have a lovely collie type dog, Lucky, who seems to have really enjoyed TJ's visit. I'm very grateful for the good care he received, and Sue helped Dad with the bunnies every day. Everyone was in great shape when we got back. TJ gained two more pounds while we were away and grew a LOT.

Tj and his new friend, Lucky
TJ's New Friend, Sweet Lucky

Fun With the Big Dog
They Played...

More Romping With Lucky
And Played...

She's Big, But I'm BAD!
And Played...

Tug It!

Until There Was No Play Left.

Sleepy and Snug
Being Little.

Played out
Played Out.

Thanks to Sue for the great photos. TJ has his own little album now at my Flickr site.

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