Monday, January 09, 2006

Plans for a Beautiful Day

Crocheted scarf from hand painted merino/angora yarn
Crocheted Merino/Angora Scarf

Even though I spent the weekend quietly, it felt wonderful to be able to do something at last. Instead of just languishing on the couch. Dad and I watched Joan Hickson's Miss Marple and I finished the shell scarf. I also worked awhile on the computer. Mindless cut and paste stuff, but still something accomplished as I started putting more of the book catalog on the web page.

Crocheted hat from Shetland/Mohair
Shetland/Mohair Crocheted Hat

I finished this little hat some time ago, and set it aside to see if I would ever like it. I think the brim needs to be a little wider with the flat crown. A local B&B wants to open a little shop at her place, and I thought hats and scarves might fit in with her needs and represent local crafts, as she wants. I need to think about some summery hat patterns, though, as her busy season is for warm weather, not cold.

TJ, the Lab puppy, has slept through two nights now without getting me up for a potty run. So I think I'll head back upstairs to my bed tonight. The couch is quite comfortable but Lily insists on sleeping with me. It's not quite long enough for both of us!

The day has dawned warm and bright, with some high thin clouds. I have so many plans for work on the bunny barn this week. Some gorgeous coats are due for shearing and I expect to spend a pleasant time this afternoon starting to set things to rights down there while the sun shines. Late Thursday or early Friday we're heading out to a Civil War show in Charleston, South Carolina.

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