Friday, January 27, 2006

It's a Truck!

My Truck!
My Little Toyota

It's finally here! After nearly a month in the shop, I HAVE A PICKUP! And it runs, mostly. I went by the shop yesterday to see if we had to rebuild the engine or put in a new one. Wally (I love having a mechanic named Wally, real fittin') said it's ready to go. He said the bottom end was stopped up. I didn't inquire as to what that meant; sounds sort of personal and only something a mechanic should know about a vehicle. But it's on the road, licensed, tagged, stickered and burdened with all the other expensive necessities of this regimented age. Much better than waiting for an engine rebuild or replacement.

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I'd like to thank Miss Fiona Bradshaw for standing in on my profile for a few days while I sorted through pictures to find the one that now appears. Since this has become more of a personal journal, I decided to move the logo to the other blog, which I hope becomes more of a rabbit, business and farm oriented diary.

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