Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A is for...

Thomas Jonathan
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

A is for Acquisitions. Which we have a lot of, since buying and selling is what I do. But this particular acquisition was completely unplanned. I had to go down to Georgia with Dad to try to work on some legal stuff, and this little fellow was waiting there for me. He had been given to a friend as a full blooded Labrador Retriever. He certainly looks the part and is as sweet a charmer that ever messed up someone's mind. The new owner works ten hours a day, though, and lives near a road, and was worried that she couldn't train and care for him properly. He's only five weeks old as well. Ok, I know I said with the Bassett Hound that I didn't have time for another dog. But the SO is interested in this one, and although it's living with me for now, we're considering it his dog.

Lily isn't very happy with the idea but she's warming up to it a bit. We're calling the little fellow "T.J". Right now after being fed, walked, and played with, he's back in his crate because I'm going to the gym. He's not happy, and the shrieks are probably echoing through the neighborhood!

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