Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gray Days

So I like him; so what?
OK, So I like him. So what?

At 2 PM yesterday afternoon, Lily finally gave up and admitted that puppy charm was irresistable. Since then the two have been inseparable, playing so hard that they both are exhausted. This is great for Lily; she has been gaining too much weight and the romps will do her so much good. Great for me, too, because TJ is occupied and is already copying Lily's good manners. And some of her bad ones; she is teaching him to bark!

Play Time
Tug of War!

My house is even more of a disaster than ever, with puppy toys everywhere and rumpled rugs. Since housekeeping comes way down my list, poor Dad will just have to put up with it! Usually I clean up if I know company is coming!

Mohair/Shetland Crocheted Cap
Mohair/Shetland Crocheted Cap

I finished this little cap last night. This is some of the roving I dyed last winter and then spun up and as always I enjoyed working with it. This was a fast project, finished in a couple of evenings of watching Six Feet Under DVDs. The pattern came from The Little Box of Crocheted Hats and Scarves with a few minor modifications by me.

I spent most of rainy yesterday working on the computer and then helping out a little at the antique shop. Waiting to see if he needs help there again today. If not it will probably be more of the same, since gray clouds are hanging low over the farm. I might get a bunny haircut in, since it's still fairly warm. I've got a lovely fellow just coming due for shearing!

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