Saturday, January 07, 2006

Feeling Better

Woke up to very cold temperatures this morning. Good thing I'm feeling a lot better, because the rabbit bottles are sure to be frozen. The sun is bright, though, with scattered clouds on the southern horizon. I wish I hadn't missed the warm days, but at least I feel like doing something. The past couple of days my major accomplishment was to wash the dishes!

Lily and TJ
Lily's Boundaries

Lily is still not impressed with TJ. She's been such a loyal little creature, staying right with me on the couch and anywhere else I staggered because she knew I wasn't feeling well. It makes me feel quite guilty because she isn't happy with the puppy. He's been learning about potty training, though, and staying in his crate a lot, with supervised play times. So Lily gets most of the attention.

A Little Closer
Lily's Little Shadow

It's going to be a contest between Lily's determination not to like him and TJ.'s longing to play with and love that big dog. He's wearing her down, although she snapped at him yesterday. Right now Lily is lying at my feet under the desk, growling steadily while TJ darts at her feet and tail. She can't help but wag her tail a little, though, and he gets bolder and bolder.

Malachi's Opinion
Malachi Disapproves

The cats have varying opinions about the puppy. Malachi doesn't want anything to do with it, and plays shadow as he flows through the furniture to avoid notice. The tabby, Mani, keeps his distance. Missy, the aged calico, has seen it all and just goes on about her business, cuffing TJ if he gets too familiar and ignoring him otherwise.

The birds have been busy at the feeders; I've watched them from my couch for the past couple of days. On the warmer day they weren't so intense with their feeding, but as it got colder yesterday they attacked the seeds with vigor and cleaned them up, requiring another round of filling the feeders in late afternoon. The titmouse and chickadee are quite tame, sitting right by the window to peck at their seeds while the shy juncos fly further away. Sparrows tend to take a middle ground, wary of my presence behind the glass but reluctant to stray far from the window feeder with so much competition. The bossy blue jays try to monopolize the many feeders but waste more time trying to guard them than getting anything to eat. Peaceful doves peck placidly along with flocks of small juncos. When we were children everyone called the juncos snowbirds.

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