Friday, January 27, 2006

Early Morning Chill

This morning when I let TJ out for his first romp of the day, the air was so crisp it was painful to breathe. A thin crescent moon rode on the eastern horizon, in a sky of elusive color that seemed so close I should be able to reach out and feel velvet.

Now the sun is shining bright, warming the air. It won't be warm, but soon I'll be able to get out and tend the bunnies without the water bottles freezing back immediately. I know certain people that hate winter, but a day like this is invigorating. Sorry. But I do like a little winter in my year!

Sad to say we lost another cousin, this time on my mother's side. It's probably odd to some people; these cousins are often what would be considered distant in many families. But I live where I was born, and generations of both sides of my family have also lived here. These people are friends and neighbors as well as kin.

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