Monday, January 30, 2006

C is for...

Crochet Hook Collection
Crochet Hooks!

I love the tools of the trades. A well crafted tool is a thing of beauty and a joy to work with, making any job easier. Aluminum hooks, while not my favorite, are light, inexpensive and easy to replace if I'm working away from home in a place where a dropped crochet hook might mean it vanishes forever. (Thinking of the SO's work truck!) The smaller hooks are all from an estate sale; I've used a few of them but the dainty work and thread is hard on the eyes.

Favorite Hooks - Wooden!
Wooden (and one Fimo) Crochet Hooks

My favorite crochet hooks are wooden. I've been collecting these for awhile, and some have been in use for a few years. I went on an eBay rampage in December and picked up a few more. These are arranged according to hook size; the second one from the left, a Size G, is an aluminum hook with colored clay for a handle. Very comfortable to work with. Oddly enough so is the Size J, the brightly colored one at the far right with the fish for an end. My least favorite is the long Brittany Size H; I just bought the Indigo Size H beside it for a replacement. All of my favorites are handmade and, while expensive, are a delight to work with and I enjoy them very much. Sometimes people comment on my crochet hook when they see me working, rather than on the item I'm making!

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