Monday, January 02, 2006

Auction Adventures

Charleston, West Virginia
Courthouse in Charleston

This weekend we went to an auction that sounded promising near Charleston, West Virginia. The trip up was pleasant, even though rain started falling before we got there. I didn't get many photos, because of the rain, but after it cleared I did pause to take one picture of the capital dome. It was early morning, and mist was rising in the mountains around the city.

Mohair Shawl
Mohair Shawl, Hand Painted Yarn

The auction was interesting but most things sold for about what I could get for them at the shop. So mostly I worked and chatted with my pleasant neighbors about yarn and bunnies. I had just a few rows to complete of the mohair shawl; trying to decide whether to fringe or leave it alone. I don't have enough yarn left to make a generous fringe and the shawl isn't really large so I may leave it as is or add a narrow border.

Angora/Merino Shell Scarf
Merino/Angora Shell Scarf

The auction lasted a long time. Over ten hours. It was interesting; the estate belonged to an artist that did wonderful pen and ink works of local historical sites. There was one charming print of a town scene with fanciful Alice-in-Wonderland characters floating in the sky. I would have liked that one for myself, but it sold for a high price and I really couldn't justify spending it. The furniture was beautiful and interesting; some from a Masonic Lodge in the south somewhere that would look grand in a nice restaurant. I watched the bidding and started another scarf, from some painted yarn that Chris and I did when she was here last winter. The shell pattern is from The Little Box of Crocheted Hats and Scarves. I modified it to work with the thinner yarn but I like the shell stitches.

Shell Scarf Closeup
Close-up of Shell Scarf

The next couple of days will be busy, with things I need to do for Dad. He took care of the bunnies while I was gone, although Lily went with us to the auction. She enjoys being with us but loves being home more!

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