Saturday, January 21, 2006

At Home

Bina Wade
Greenberry's Bina Wade

Another pleasant day, with warm sunshine and lazy clouds drifting across the skies. That was yesterday. Today the wind is howling again and rain is hurling against the windows. January in the mountains.

I worked on the computer yesterday morning, until the sun came into the windows and I could no longer see the screen. Good excuse to get out and work on bunny chores, and bring a gorgeous doe in for shearing. Bina looks a bit tense because TJ was howling, angry at being put in his crate while I sheared the doe. She settled down beautifully, though, and I was very happy with the quality of her wool and the quantity! This is the best wool rabbit I've produced here, I think. This was her second shearing and I was able to harvest 10.5 ounces of prime, gorgeous wool. The minimal amount that wasn't prime wasn't enough to register on my scale. Woolybuns Puff 'n Stuff produced almost the same amount at his second shearing, so I'm thinking that a litter from the two of them in a couple of months will be amazing!

I spent a little time with my friend Kym; a nice meal at the winery where she works was a great treat. We had a lovely visit despite some sadness. Her dear friend dog, Roxy, is very ill; the vet thinks it may be bone cancer. So if you have room for a couple of gentle spirits in your prayers, they both deserve the thought. I had to go home and hug my dear girl after talking with Kym.

Lily and TJ: Fairly Peaceful

TJ has been pulling every cute puppy trick in the book, trying to get Lily to love him. He's making some progress, although she still gets grumpy. She has some arthritis in her back and he insists on crawling all over her. But she likes to play chase with him outside, if she thinks I'm not looking!

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