Friday, December 23, 2005


Lily and Chocolat
Lily and German Cross Rabbit, Chocolat

It's been a wonderful winter day, warm enough to be comfortable with just enough chill in the air to be right for the season. The sun is bright and the ice is melting in some areas that hadn't budged all week. We got out early to go to the gym and then I came back to tackle chores and get onto some much needed computer work. Uploading pictures and descriptions of jewelry to my web page isn't the most exciting work, but I amused myself with music from Pandora (discovered thanks to Jane). It doesn't mean it's not work if I enjoy it a little, does it?

Then I brought Chocolat in to be sheared, and took time out to take a picture of long suffering Lily with the chocolate buck. Teasing Lily may not be part of the job, but shearing a luxurious coat from a patient creature that settles quietly into your lap doesn't seem much like work, either.

The next job on the agenda is more like work, though, and I'm procrastinating. We've been invaded. By mice. Again. Or still. The cabinets are a mess and a mouse trap disappeared last night. Scary. Worse than rabbits on the Willis Road.

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