Friday, December 16, 2005

Winter Sights

Malachi's Winter Spot
Malachi pretending to be a cozy house cat.

A brilliant moon in a morning sky of deep blue above ice covered trees on the Parkway.

Ice covered grass sparkling in the morning sun, beautiful above the treacherous ice covered snow pack.

Across the Field
Deer racing across the field in the twilight.

Snowbirds, chickadees and finches bickering over sunflower seeds and darting through the apple tree.

Ice hanging from small limbs by the window, trembling and breaking as the sun warms the day.

Silvery wisps of clouds racing over the empty sky.

A herd of cows trailing up the hill, while the farmer's call echoes across the snow.

Pine limbs bent by the weight of ice suddenly springing straight as it breaks away.

Crows strutting across the icy grass in the low field, peering anxiously around for food.

The shadows of clouds drifting over the whitened fields.

The steady drip past the windows as ice melts from sun-warmed tin on the roof.

The changing light of a winter day.

dog 002
Lily in her favorite winter place by the heat.

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