Sunday, December 11, 2005

When I Can't Work Outside

Crocheted Chenille Poncho and Crochet Hook Case
Chenille Poncho and Crochet Hook Case

I spent most of the weekend curled up in my corner, watching the birds busy at the feeders while I crocheted. The brown chenille poncho has been hanging around as an UFO for quite awhile; nice to have it finally done. One a few rows finished it, as it turned out. This was a pattern I made up for some commerical chenille I picked up somewhere on cones. I dyed some of it but this cone was already a rich brown. I have a couple of other patterns in mind for this yarn, although I'm not fond of working with chenille. This is such a lovely color, though, and beautifully soft when it's done.

Chenille Poncho Closeup
Close Up

The stitch pattern is very simple, just single crochet and chain stitch. I did a wide band of rows running in a different direction to the main block, to try to add some interest to the design. It doesn't show up well in the pictures, though.

The crochet hook case was made from a pattern by Annie Modesitt in her Crochet Pattern a Day Calendar. Nice collection with some good inspiration. This case was made with hand-dyed, hand spun mohair/wool from Friendship Farm; I had to add extra rows and stitches to get the size right. I felted it but it didn't shrink much; I wasn't sure how well this blend would felt. But since the case turned out bigger than I expected, I can put my larger wooden hooks in it, too. I had dyed this yarn to use in a shawl that didn't work out the way I planned. So lots of mistakes turned out to be a pleasing toy just for me.

This morning only a few of the water bottles were frozen; I keep hoping that I will go down and they will all be fine. That hope keeps me from switching to crocks, which the rabbits just dump, seems like. After a few hours doing paperwork at the shop down the road and a visit with favorite cousin, I came home:

Hi, Mommy!

Lily stays upstairs when I'm gone. Although she knows better than to rush the door, it takes Dad awhile to get in and out and I worry that she'll slip by or trip him. And sometimes in the summer he doesn't get the doors shut properly. So Lily spends what little time I'm not at home up in my room, with this board to keep her safe. Even when she's not shut up she spends most of her time upstairs, with her toys and bed. Her favorite lounging place is on my pillow!

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