Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Rabbits on the Willis Road

The Rabbits on the Willis Road
Christmas Cheer?

No one seems to know anything about this. These large, stuffed rabbits have been collecting here on the corner of a country road for two or three years. Counting the hats there are eight of them; multiplying like rabbits. The hats are a newer addition for the holidays. Jessica, I was able to get quite close without incident.

The Buffalo
Buffalo Mountain from Black Ridge

After morning chores Dad and I headed over the snowy hills to Floyd to run errands. The fields are still snow covered and shiny with ice in most places. The shadows under the trees look hard and brittle.

I've Got A Pig
Small Homestead, with Little Brown Pig

We passed over this ridge awhile back and I commented on the pretty flock of goats ranged out on the hill below us. Then we saw a little brown pig, in grazing placidly with the goats. I got a better look at him later; along with the goats it seems there are a couple of sheep as well. I've always thought this farm looks so cozy tucked in under the hill with the mountains above the little house.

Floyd was especially charming because we ran into some dear friends at the little restaurant and were able to share our lunch catching up on all the news from them. I get out rarely with the work that I do here and they are busy people doing very interesting and creative things. Hope I see them more often!

Around here you make sure to get everything done in town that you need to, especially in the winter when the weather can be treacherous and unpredictable. We did the grocery thing and other errands, banking at the pleasant little local bank where they know you and your kin and there isn't the huge impersonal presence of a corporate entity looming behind them.

Slate Mountain Church
Slate Mountain Presbyterian Church

The road home twisted pleasantly through snowy fields and by cozy houses, decorated for Christmas and as familiar as my own little house. Slate Mountain is one of the rock churches built by Bob Childress, and my family has been members there since the beginning. My grandmother, mother, and I were all raised in this church, and my mother remembers Mr. Childress well. My grandparents and great-grandparents, along with other relatives, are buried in the cemetery on the hill above Rock Castle, where my grandmother grew up.

Slanting Afternoon Shadows
Slanting Winter Shadows

How quickly a pleasant day passes. As we headed back home the shadows were already lengthening across the roads. Last night I settled in to more crocheting with a lazy spaniel by my side.

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