Friday, December 30, 2005

My Favorite Toys

My Favorite Toys
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Another sunny morning with a brisk breeze, after a couple of days of gray skies. Yesterday morning I went out to find Blueberry hopping cheerfully around the bunny house. She hopped right up to me but teased a little, not wanting to be caught. But when I brought out a piece of carrot she snuggled right into my lap to nibble it.

The dull days made me a bit dull; with just computer work and pricing postcards to report, along with some spinning and work on the mohair shawl. I finished a bobbin of the white Coopworth and started another; looking forward to seeing that fleece come back from the processor.

I had some company yesterday that I enjoyed very much. A young family, distant cousins, came by to see the bunnies and ask questions for a report one daughter was doing for school. She's very interested in working with fiber so I gave her some Coopworth to start. I really enjoy seeing such young people with the desire to take up such interests. Even if it never becomes any more than a hobby, she will value the skills she develops.

I'm working on the last color band of the mohair shawl; almost out of yarn so I had to change my design idea. Hope it works because frogging fuzzy mohair would be a pain. If I have enough yarn left I think a fringe would be nice on this one.

The picture above shows my small collection of wooden crochet hooks. I really like working with them, but I'm fussy about how they feel. The Size G short hook, made by Hooked On Needles, fits nicely into my hand, although I'm not really fond of the short size. The colors are nice and the hook has worked well with the fuzzy mohair in this last shawl.

The Size H Brittany hook is one I don't like as well. The shaft is too thin and it's just a little too long (I'm beginning to sound like Goldilocks) for my small hand. But I prefer it over the aluminum ones, which tend to slip out of my stitches and disappear. I also like the warmer feel of wood.

The Size I was made by an eBay seller and I bought it a long time ago. This is a size I use often, even with the finer yarns I prefer, for a lacy effect. I love the feel of this hook (just right) and the length and heft are perfect for me.

Size J has been a hook that I've used a lot lately; I tend to make my stitches tight and use the larger size to loosen them up. This is the new hook I bought on eBay from a seller called Sharky. The hook is beautiful, with nice colors and a glossy finish. I haven't used it yet; I have some ideas for my next project that will probably include this hook as the tool. But it looks and feels like it will be a pleasure to use.

Tomorrow we're hoping to go to an auction in West Virginia. I haven't been to one in awhile and I'm really looking forward to it. More stuff!

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