Monday, December 05, 2005

Late Fall Turning to Early Winter

Late Fall Looking Like Early Winter
Morning Snowfall

After a warm day yesterday and the threat of an ice storm on Saturday evening, I woke up this morning to the stillness of new snow falling on the cold grass. Large flakes fell around me as I hurried to the post office with holiday orders; the hills were white when I went inside. Then, as I tended rabbits, cats and birds, a slight change in temperature turned snow to sleet, and ice coated the grass and small tree limbs outside my windows.

Yesterday I went to dinner with Mom and Wendell, along with Wendell's daughter and her family. Pleasant outing; nice to catch up with the news in the north and of the family. Granddaughter and I went on up to town to pick up a couple of things: birdseed, a finch feeder and some night light bulbs for me. We chatted about the training she is taking to be an EMT with her local rescue squad, admirable ambitions! She has an older brother with two children; I think she adores being an aunt as well.

Crocheted Shawl from Shetland Hand Spun Yarn
Lacy Shetland Crocheted Shawl

This morning I finished the special order Shetland shawl while sitting by my big window, watching the birds as they busily emptied my bird feeders of sunflower seed and bread. Even the new finch feeder, a sort of a sock thing filled with thistle seed, is getting plenty of attention. I thought they might be timid until they were used to it, but they've been pecking it steadily since I hung it up.

Snowy Yard
Wintry Day Outside My Window

Ice and snow are mingling to make a messy day outside; I'm glad to be cozy and warm with plenty of work to do. Lily is snug in front of the fire on her favorite rug and Dad is reading in his room, while I work on the computer and think about what project I'd like to start next. Handspun scarf? Brooks Farm Hat? Angora gloves? There are so many possibilities!

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