Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Here and There

Another cold morning yesterday, with water bottles frozen solid. If it wasn't for the fact that they stay thawed up until into the night, I'd be doing the water bowl thing. It's a lot of work hauling 23 water bottles up, thawing them and then hauling them back down. But the rabbits dump the water bowls and they are getting water for longer with the bottles. In January we'll probably have to switch.

Greenberry's Blueberry Bell
Greenberry's Blueberry Bell

Time for much needed warm tea and toast by the time I was done with morning chores, and then I brought in a bunny to shear. Blueberry is a sweet, friendly bunny who only has one fault when we're shearing; she nibbles on my clothes. I forgot about that yesterday and caught her tugging at my shirt; I put a towel over me and now it has a tiny hole in it!

Sue's Owl
Owl Bead Work Gourd

While I was working with the bunny my sister-in-law and her son stopped by to bring a present that we won't discuss due to its incriminating nature. She also brought pictures of the wonderful gourd she made as a special order for a friend in California.

Sue's Owl2
Sue's Bead Work Owl Gourd

I wish I had been able to see the original; the work on this one looks marvelous. Sue explained that she cut the design into the front of the gourd, then used beeswax to affix the tiny beads in place. All those tiny beads, placed one at a time in beeswax that had to be reheated often to work. I love the expression on this fellow's face! So, Judy in California?; here is the owl and I think he's something!

I jazzed up the index page to Greenberry House; just wanted to do something a little different and I found some background files I liked. Also changed the background on Lily's Page to something a little doggy. Then I fell off the eBay wagon. I haven't been over there in ages, but my Earthlink start page developed a fault and while I was trying to solve that I realized that they had a feature that linked directly to eBay. So I had to play with that. Found some lovely handmade crochet hooks and I really NEED a wooden Size J. I'm trying hard not to look at any other sizes!

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