Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Lily and a Ripple Scarf
Hand Crocheted Ripple Scarf

This was a small project that I wanted to do to use a four ounce package of roving from Cathy at Perfect Spot Farm. She raises Jacob sheep and the wool is lovely; I really enjoyed spinning up this roving and using it to create this soft scarf, trimmed in handspun natural black angora from my rabbits. Lily is my reluctant model.

The pond is freezing over and tonight the neighbor's cows strayed into the field above it. I'm always amazed at how easily people that know how can herd an escaped large animal back. In minutes, it seemed, the farmer had the cattle safely behind the fence again. This morning I had a little doe running loose under the barn again; she was happy for me to pick her up and snuggle her back into her cage. It was too cold and lonely for a girl to be straying!

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