Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back Home Again

View from Red Oak Mountain
View from Red Oak Mountain, Woodville, Virginia

A dear old fellow in the community always came into the store saying, "It's a pretty world", no matter the weather. When I see sights like the view above it's easy to be thankful for the beauty around us. It's not so easy on a foggy, rainy, cold afternoon, the weather that has replaced these past precious days of warmth!

Sunday, Christmas Day, I spent with my mom, Wendell, my brother Sammy and my uncle. We had a delightful dinner and visit, after navigating across the treacherous sheet of ice that is still my mom's front yard. I've been trying to track down Yax Traks, since Cindy of Riverrim and my friend Kym both mentioned them on the same day to me. I want a pair for everyone I know, the way the weather has been! But the stores are sold out until next week; so there are belated Christmas presents in order.

Farm below Red Oak Mountain
Farm Below Red Oak Mountain, Woodville, Virginia

On Monday we headed out early to check on things in Woodville and tow my new little Toyota pickup down. It's not so new; right now it's over at the local shop getting some work done, but it's cute! I'll feel like Stephanie Plum tooling down the road (if you don't know Stephanie Plum, you need to go find her right now). At least I hope I get to keep this truck longer than Stephanie kept hers. I meant to take a picture of the truck but ran out of battery and forgot the next morning.

The Orchard House
The House Behind the Orchard

We had a beautiful day for our trip; cool and not so much traffic as we took the back roads through the country to Woodville. There were such lovely sights in the mountains and lowlands; handsome houses on large farms, small cottages tucked into hollows, cattle scattered along hay trails down hillsides. It was an up and back again trip, quick to get the tow dolly back to the rental place, so we didn't tarry. The Christmas lights were nice in the night, though, and kept me from falling asleep!

Old Stone Chimney and Boxwood
Old Stone Chimney and Boxwood

I was hoping to visit with friends in the area; really should make another trip very soon. There is a bunny here I'd like to get to his new home as well. So if the little truck is roadworthy soon I will probably head to Central Virginia again right after the first of the year, just for a couple of days.

This morning was beautiful, warm and sunny and it was a pleasure to feed cats and bunnies and fill the bird feeder. By afternoon, though, the fog had rolled in and cold winds dashed rain against the south windows. Little birds still fluttered to the feeders in flocks; snatching seed and fussing. Lily curled up on the sofa with me, glad to have company as I crocheted and watched the birds. The rabbits were ready for their evening feed, and I left them cozy and content, munching on pellets and listening to the wind howl above them in the eaves. Tonight I will probably work on the mohair variegated shawl a bit more, and perhaps spin some more of the Coopworth wool. It's a grand evening to stay home out of the fog and wind!

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