Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Another Finished Object

Winter Shadows
Dyed Alpaca and Natural Angora/Merino Small Shawl

Seems like I stopped both of these project just before I finished them, but I had items that had to be done before Christmas and I laid them aside. This shawl is for me, inspired by a need for something on my arms while reading in bed without the bulk of my big Coopworth shawl. I like the capelet idea, borrowed from Spanish shawls described in the Interweave Press Crochet magazine. The design reminds me of how the shadows look in the mornings on the snowy fields.
Irridescent Button
Irridescent Black Button with Cabin Scene

I like to embellish my projects, when I can, with vintage pins and buttons. This is a special button that has a tiny detailed cabin in the woods scene carved into it, touched with irridescence. I've been saving it for a special project and like the final touch it adds to this little shawl.

Antique Botton
Country House Button on Crochet Hook Case

The button I put on my crochet hook case to weight the cover reminds me of the Welsh castle where we stayed on a visit to Great Britain. This button is made of metal, with a turreted house on a rocky hill. I treasure it for the memories it evokes, of a special person and a wonderful shared time together.

This morning I saw a falling star in the southern sky as I waited for my friend. The moon was setting behind the pines on the Parkway, and the sky was glowing with a strange dark brilliance. Now the sun is shining bright in clear skies and the air is biting cold.

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