Thursday, December 15, 2005

And We Go On

Some beautiful thoughts on life, love and loss over at Hillbilly, Please; no one could say it any better.

I let Lily out early and she came back looking like Snow Dog. Wonderful day to dawdle the morning away and have tea and fresh scones from the bakery. Snow is falling steadily; the skies were dark so late this morning. The cats crowded the door to come in as Lily went out and little birds decorated the shrubs nearby, waiting for me to fill the feeders.

New Project
Crocheted Mohair Shawl, Beginning

And as life goes on, so do chores and projects. Monday I started this shawl, crocheted from some very fine commerical yarn that I dyed in my crock pot. The colors are much more subtle than the pictures shows. Each skein is different; I'm thinking of doing the shawl with bands of the different colors, from light to dark. The yarn is very soft but fussy to work with.

Went to town yesterday with favorite cousin under cloudy skies. Bunny feed was a necessity, along with some toiletry items. We enjoyed our usual lunch and a visit to the delightful bakery, where we stocked up on special breads and treats. It's always a pleasure to make this trip with RJ; we have so much to talk about. We were both a little tired yesterday, though, but the occasional silence is always comfortable.

Last night I set up my new DSL; worked fine except for a small glitch with my business email. My dear server fellow worked and worked to help me, and we finally figured out the problem. That's why I love working with small companies; there's always a real person that cares to talk to when the occasional problem arises. I'm going to miss my local Internet provider for that reason, but costs and time factors have made DSL a choice for me. Hope nothing goes wrong, although the one question I had was answered promptly and with courtesy. Heads up for my email buddies; I have a new personal address. If I haven't notified you, it's listed with my profile on Blogger. I don't want to lose anyone!

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