Saturday, November 05, 2005

Woolybuns Puff 'n Stuff
Woolybuns Puff 'n Stuff

Sheared this wonderful fellow at the end of last week, but just got around to weighing his wool and entering his data in the computer. Not only is he a sweetheart to shear, but his wool is wonderful and crimpy; there was hardly any that wasn't prime and I had a luxurious 270 grams when I was done with him. He's six months old and weighs 8 pounds; can't wait until spring to breed him to some of my best does. Since he has some new genetics for me, I'm hoping he'll add size to the herd. I don't breed for very large rabbits; I like 11 pounds as a top weight for a doe.

Spent the evening with my friend Kym at a museum in Roanoke, working a wine sales table. It was a lot of fun along with a lot of work; you really have to know what you're doing and have a quick mind. As Kym does; I tried to keep things filled and poured out while she handled the questions. We had a fun visit, though, on the way up and down. There were a few organizational glitches on the part of the promoters, though, that affected the wine sales. But Kym had her presentation together well and we did OK with sales.

Today it is so gorgeous out that Sue decided to set up the craft tents again. The leaves are still beautiful and the sun is bright. Time to tend the rabbits and get started on the day.

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