Thursday, November 24, 2005

Winter Bunny Wrangling

It's not winter yet but these fall days are becoming more than brisk! We delayed our gym session a little in case the snow did fall, but it was just cold and clear when we headed up the road before daylight. By the time we got back frost had hardened the ground around the little construction site. I could see the tops of the pine trees in the woods, shimmering as the crystal frost in the needles caught the early morning light.

I did the morning bunny chores with the wind howling around the barn and Lily hurrying through her routine so that she could get inside. The water bottles were frozen again. This requires lugging them up to the house, filling them with hot water and waiting for them to thaw. A bit time-consuming but not really hard. I had plans to go to town with favorite cousin, though, so I had allowed some extra time to get it done. Usually I have extra water bottles ready for the winter season, but this year I'm a little behind. Need to buy a few! Also I need to put plastic up and plug some holes in the barn to make it warmer. The rabbits don't mind the cold at all, but I do! Morning chores include giving them hay; it's lovely to hear them munching away contentedly while the wind roars around the barn. I leave them, happy, watered and fed, and head up to the warm house for morning tea!

I went down to my cousin's charming house under the hill, to be greeted by her cheerful face and the wonderful warmth of her wood stove. There's nothing quite like the heat that a wood stove produces. My house is warm enough but wood heat just enfolds you in a comforting warmth that any other source just doesn't produce. I'm rarely tempted to go back to using a wood stove; I'm allergic to the dust produced and it's a lot of work. But RJ's lovely house was even nicer than usual with the cold outside and the warmth within!

We had a short trip to town; we both just wanted the company and the visit together. When I got home I answered some emails and then headed down to the barn for the evening carrot and pellets. The bottles were frozen. So I hauled them back up, eight at a time, to thaw them out so that the rabbits would have some water during the evening. I'm sure they froze again overnight. When I came back in the phone was ringing. I had forgotten to meet my mom and Wendell at the community dinner they attend every year. I think I would have remembered; it was on my calendar, except for the frozen bottles!

Last night I finished spinning and plying another bobbin of Shetland. Hoping to have enough to finish the special order shawl. I'm almost out of this fleece; may have to look for a pound or so somewhere. I love working with Shetland, may have to check with Sandra to see if she has a creamy fleece available!

I was lazy this morning and slept late. That's unusual and Lily woke me by crawling up the bed for morning hugs. When I get up early for gym she MIGHT open one eye as I leave. But this morning she wanted attention, because of the novelty of having me in bed past seven, I suppose!

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