Friday, November 18, 2005

When Next Week Arrives

Old Garden Spot, Site of New Building

At long last, after hearing that the digger would be coming "next week" since July, next week finally arrived. When temperatures are 16 degrees at night and barely 45 during the day! But at least something is happening and I won't lose my building permit for this fall.

Starting to work
Clearing Off

I left for my meeting before the truck arrived and came back to see that they had already made a lot of progress. The meeting was pretty interesting; it's amazing what can be done by technology.

Moving Dirt

It turned cold yesterday after all the rain. ALL the water bottles were frozen in the bunny barn. Keeping water to the animals is the only really hard part of winter. My usual system requires an extra water bottle for each cage that I trade out twice a day. This seems to keep everyone happy; they eat well this way. I also feed a little more 'wet' stuff before nightfall on really cold nights to try to tide them over. This probably won't be a long cold spell, since it's November, but I should start preparing for more cold days.

Getting Ready for Footers
More Digging

Kym and I actually made it to the gym this morning, even though it was 16 degrees outside and SO hard to leave the warm bed. The wind isn't blowing, though, and with the sun out I should feel like doing some bunny house chores. Even though it's cold, I want to get the bunnies that will be leaving this weekend sheared off, just in case the drive disturbs them. And I can get some wool weights to put on the pedigrees.

Getting Cold!
Ending the Day

By the time I finished feeding the bunnies yesterday evening, it was getting cold. But the fellows worked until dark; it just got too cold then. We went out to dinner below the mountain and picked up some supplies for what needs to be done this morning. Today after working in the bunny house I have to run with my sister-in-law down the other side of the mountain to set up for a small craft show tomorrow. Should be nice; we'll be seeing more local people than tourists, I imagine.

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