Friday, November 11, 2005


Morning Tea
Morning Tea

Up early this morning because Lily was ready to go out. So I did the chores early, greeted by rabbits eager for their daily hay and fresh water. I left the barn in the early morning sunshine, listening to the rustle of hay and the contented munching of hungry little creatures. The cats swarmed around my feet, if three can be considered a swarm, while I filled their bowls. Even the fish seemed happy to see me; this cool weather makes everyone hungry.

I love to come inside after getting thoroughly cold, especially if I have time to sit down with a book and a cup of tea. I love the ceremony of tea; I probably don't do it correctly but just having pretty dishes and teapots pleases me. When I'm rushed I have this delightful two cup gadget that will brew the tea into travel mugs with none of the fuss, but sometimes I just enjoy the fuss and spoiling myself. A fragrant tea and toast with some of Mom's homemade foxgrape jelly is very satisfying as I sit in my chair, sipping and reading while Lily lies at my feet, hoping for crumbs.

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