Sunday, November 06, 2005

Slowing Down

Evening at Home
Quiet Evening

We had a slow day at the craft tent; lots of people in town but it was windy again and not many made their way down the hill to visit. Interesting young women from Pittsburgh with children that were going to camp out stopped by. Hope they didn't freeze last night!

I ran over after we packed up to see about a problem my cousin is having with her Internet service; anyone know anything about server changes at Sitestar? Their technical support line is answered with a request to leave a message and no one ever calls back. The web page is for sales; no information about problems or anything else. Over and over I'm reminded how much I appreciate my little local service!

We settled in for the evening. I wound yarn for Jane's shawl and the animals settled into the warm house with us. I wasn't feeling very well; too many allergies. So I went to bed early. Dad went dancing!

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