Monday, November 28, 2005

Short Trip

Grand Victorian
Victorian House

Thanksgiving was a lovely day, with dinner at mom's with Wendell and my brother. Then my mom and I went down to visit her aunt, who is in the nursing home below the mountain. Aunt is ailing a bit, with her mind wandering into the past. Not a bad thing, really, although she can get a little upset sometimes. She talked of people long gone as if they were right up on the mountain. Kind of sad, but sweet to think that to her things are as they've always been.

Friday was spent running errands and covering up the footers for the building in case we have really cold weather. I wanted to get a little work done on the bunny house but we ran out of time. It was fun crawling up into the hay loft to get old hay to stack onto the concrete footers. The loft of the barn is the nicest place, with the sun coming in between the boards.

Lily Showing Off
Lily's Trick

Saturday we got up early, tended the rabbits and headed down to the coast to visit the SO's sister. On the way we stopped at an auction and left a few absentee bids. It was a long trip. Lily went with us and I think she got really tired. But the weather was wonderful on Saturday, clear and cool and pleasant for travel. It was interesting to see the cotton fields along the way. Most of them had been harvested and there were huge bales of cotton, covered with colorful plastic and waiting to be picked up. Some had been taken away, leaving a white patch of left-over cotton on the ground. Since I'm a fiber person, you know what I wanted to do! I wonder how cotton farmers feel about gleaning, since a lot is left behind. There were a few fields that hadn't been done, and the white cotton looked tattered on the dried plants. There were also fields of soy beans that we saw being harvested by strange machines.

Lily was very good and got to show off her best trick to the family. She will sit with a dog biscuit balanced on her nose until you give her permission, then she will catch it in the air and eat it. She had fun seeing new people, which isn't always true for her! The sister and her husband have restored a wonderful Victorian house, large and airy with beautiful rooms accented with just the right colors.

One of Many
Beautiful houses

Elizabeth City is a beautiful place, with streets of wonderful Victorian houses. We went out to breakfast and had a tour of the town. I didn't take my camera because I didn't realize the plans, and missed taking lots of wonderful pictures of beautiful Victorian and Colonial style houses. Most of them have been well taken care of or restored; the town is charming. Sister has a store downtown with unique gifts and beautiful decorating accessories. She and her partner have created a wonderful and unique shop! Kim and Carol's, if you're down that way. There's a lovely waterfront area and a big museum.

We headed home under sunshine but it started to rain just before dark. By the time we got to the mountain, the fog had rolled in. I tended the bunnies with the fog surrounding me as if I were totally alone in the world. The lights from town cast a strange glow through the fields. I was reminded of a wonderful essay my cousin wrote about being a child outside in the foggy darkness. It was nice to come into the cozy house, warm and tired after a long day. Lily has been sleeping hard; it was a long trip for her, too!

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