Sunday, November 20, 2005

Progress Report

Shetland Handspun Yarn
Shetland Handspun Yarn for Lacy Shawl

I was able to get a little spinning done at the Holiday Show; I want to be sure to have enough for the shawl. I'm getting down to the last of the fleece and hoping it will be enough!

Progress on Lacy Scarf
Lacy Crocheted Scarf

And I ADORE working with this Brooks Farm yarn. The feel of the silk/wool blend, the richness of the four ply and the colors are a delight. It's a pleasure to pick it up and just look at it, much less enjoy the softness as it slides through my fingers. This may become MY scarf!

Jane's Shawl
Jane's Shawl

And at long last, Jane's shawl is completed, right down to the little picot edge. It's crocheted from handspun Coopworth in a shimmery natural silver. It needs blocking and the top edge doesn't really curve into a claw!

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