Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Late Fall Days

I fed the rabbits yesterday morning while rain fell in sheets outside, rattling against the tin roof and thundering against the wooden sides of the barn. The rabbits munched hay and rested quietly, lulled by the sounds of a rainy day. I dashed back and forth with water bottles, glad to see the rain after such a long dry time.

I spent the day quietly, working on the computer and spinning more of the Shetland for the next special order shawl. Outside my window I didn't even see a bird stirring through the day, although a wet black cat finally darted into the house to cozy up to Lily in front of the heater. I finally made it down for a visit with my mom and Wendell, then came back for evening feed chores and more spinning. This morning the wind is howling; snow is falling in furious flurries that cover the ground and then vanish.

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