Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ivy Cole and the Moon

I just had to mention that I just finished this book, which was written by a friend of my friend, Kym. Ivy Cole and the Moon by Gina Farago is not the type of book I would pick up on my own. On the surface it seems to be of the horror genre, not one of my favorites. But this 'werewolf' book is far more than it seems on the surface. I was immediately struck by the beauty of the structure as the writer weaved her tale with flashbacks and revelations about the characters. The setting, familar to me as my own backyard, only added to my interest in the story and the names of the characters were right for the area and for the story. The fascinating theme of the story lifts the book far beyond genre fiction.

I won't say more; I never understood how all those teachers have been able to struggle through years of book reports. But if you're looking for an interesting read with some chills but also with some depth and style, think about Ivy Cole and the Moon.

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