Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How to Spend a Rainy Day

NOT on the road! It was terrible driving the highway with rain pouring and traffic. Glad to be home safe! More meetings; I'm sure lots is being accomplished but I'm not much help. The ways of a committee are a mystery to me; I'm too used to just getting the job done without much fuss.

Early yesterday morning a thunderstorm erupted here, causing Lily to growl and hover protectively over me in the bed. Or maybe she just wanted reassurance; I'm not sure who was doing the comforting. She came up right beside me and sat watching the lightning, occasionally growling. I had a book so I read awhile, petting her idly. When I turned the light off, she curled up with her chin against my thigh. I think maybe she was the one a little scared! I got up a little later to get out to do bunny chores under low gray skies; the rain started again before I finished. Lily ran out and then back in; she wasn't interested in staying out if the thunder might come back. The black cat came in soaked and was happy to snooze on the couch while I was gone.

The construction project looked pretty good when I left, with the plastic all neatly in place, but sometime during the day it came up and now there's a mud-wrestling pit right by the back door. No damage done, though, as far as I can tell. There are small rivulets of mud flowing across the driveway.

Last night I made great progress on the special order Shetland shawl, thanks to the purchase of two more crochet hooks. Maybe if I keep one in reserve the other will stay put for long enough to finish the project!

Today the sun is out and it is cooler. I managed the chores early and ran down to the antique shop on the highway to do a rental. Now I'm heading out to do a couple of bunny hair cuts and clean some cages, while the sun is out and I can enjoy the work.

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