Monday, November 28, 2005

Finished, and Unfinished

Brooks Farm Silk/Wool Handpainted Yarn Scarf
Hand Crocheted Scarf from Brooks Farm Yarn

Finished the scarf crocheted from Brooks Farm's Handpainted Four Play yarn. I didn't really intend to finish it so quickly, but one thing after another came up with the other project and this one made a good bag project to carry around. It's about 60 inches long and the colors just jump at you.

Shetland Handspun Crocheted Shawl
Shetland Handspun Yarn, Hand Crocheted

I made a good start on the special order Shetland shawl, then I lost the Size J aluminum crochet hook. Found another one and lost that, too. Both are MIA in the SO's truck; we won't go into details as to how a little thing like a crochet hook could vanish in a small pickup. So that was why I finished the scarf this weekend instead of working on the more pressing special order; hard to find a crochet hook in a strange place. I don't have one of these at home, but tomorrow there are more meetings so I can make a run by a Michaels or something. One thing I have discovered is that so far I haven't lost one of the expensive wooden ones. Just the cheap aluminum. Either I'm more careful with the wooden ones or they don't slip out of the stitches as easily!

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