Wednesday, November 09, 2005


After a glorious week of warm, sunny weather, a heavy gray cloud is moving in with the wind. The fields are taking on a winter look, touched by morning frost into a golden expanse of dying grass. Life seems to be slowing down with the gathering clouds; as I made myself busy during the last warm days, I seemed to feel that times were changing.

Clearing out the mess of boxes on the front porch was the biggest project of the week; trying to make order of all the books and small antiques that I've been selling from. It's frustrating to move box after box, only to see that the book you are looking for simply is NOT there. People think me peaceful but when something like that goes wrong---!

The rest of the week was spent getting bunnies ready for shipment to Wisconsin. I sheared them, quiet moments in the midst of busyness, and took them to the vet for health certificates, gathered up shipping equipment, which involved visits to two different towns, and this morning headed for the airport early to deliver them for shipping. Delta personnel were very helpful, as usual, and folks got down on the floor to peer into the crate to admire the bunnies. Too bad they had to travel sheared; the pure doe had a lovely coat but I was afraid that she might stress out over the trip. Despite every care, traveling is hard on bunnies, by air and by car. But they seem to adjust pretty well; Germans are placid by nature.

My cousin went with me and we had a lovely morning driving back through the leaves that were scattered by the rising breeze. The morning was warm but change was in the air; we fiddled with heat and windows, trying to be comfortable. A short shopping session because we were both "towned out" and we headed home early, foregoing our favorite restaurant. Amazing, except that we had shared a good breakfast!

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