Sunday, November 20, 2005

Brave Bunny Lady

First, I want to apologize about the building and the purpose for putting it up. A few people that I correspond with regularly know that it will be an antique and collectibles shop. Of course the rest of you couldn't know, unless you were mind readers. Sorry about that!

The Holiday Show below the mountain was nice. Not a lot of customers but I enjoyed talking with the people that did come. Very interesting conversation about the future of the county with one young couple. He is a musician and she's learning spindling. They both want desperately to be able to afford to stay in the county and are hopeful about tourism as a means to make a living. I don't often get the chance to talk to young people, but often when I do it makes me think that maybe they'll do a better job than the generations before them.

Another great young couple were vending at the show. She makes baskets and he's interested in early farm engines. They talked with Sue about possibly working up an engine show on the farm here. That would be exciting! Their young daughter tried spinning and gourd making. Sue has a picture (several, I forgot my camera) that I tried to email to my computer but it didn't come, of the little girl diligently working on a gourd. If I can get time to retrieve the show pictures, I'll try to post them later.

A few minutes after I got home Joyce from Indiana arrived, with her husband, to meet her new bunnies. As we went down to the bunny house, we saw one of them sitting happily outside, nibbling on grass. Not a wonderful thing to greet you after a long day at a craft show. The three of us spread out to try to catch the bunny, who thought this was a wonderful new game to play with the people. She wasn't at all frightened; she would wait until one of us was close enough to catch her and then scoot under the barn. I tried to block off access but there are too many places to get under. Finally I sat down at a favorite spot she was using to come out, to see if she wouldn't just wander into reach. I heard a funny noise and realized that Joyce was under the barn. It worked; we cornered bunny and retrieved her just fine. But I don't even know what's under that floor! Very brave of Joyce but a little scary. Joyce crawled out, triumphant, safe and not nearly as begrimed as I had feared! She's taking two does, the daughters of Greenberry's Highland Mary, and a lovely little blue buck that came from a litter between ISeeSpots Elwood Blues and Living Water Farm's Angel. Elwood is one of my oldest rabbits and his bunnies have nice color. I'm keeping a doe from both litters and it will be interesting to compare notes on their progress.

It's been cold and I've had frozen water bottles three mornings in a row. Hoping today that dealing with ice won't be part of the agenda, but I'm afraid it's still pretty cold out. The early morning sky is gray with light seams in the clouds and the pond is black and still.

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