Thursday, November 17, 2005

Between Meetings

Getting up this morning to COLD weather after a day of much needed heavy rains. The sun is bright but the air has the certain feel of real cold. The stars looked brittle and bright last night. Lily begged to go out early, then barked for me to come and get her when she realized how chilly it was.

The Rural Tourism Summit was quite successful, I think. Beyond the good discussions and instruction from the speakers, there was a nice feeling of hope for the county's future in tourism and a good spirit of cooperation among the participants. A pleasant experience.

Today I have to run to Radford to a meeting for Round the Mountain. They want to work on their website and have a big project planned. Should be interesting!

With all the meetings, not much has been happening in the bunny house. I did get a little buck sheared this week and hope to get more bunnies clipped tomorrow. Too bad it's so cold! I also have to do a little cleaning; company is coming to pick up bunnies this weekend. I managed to get a skein of Coopworth spun and plied so that I could use a little of it to finally finish Jane's shawl. It's washed and drying right now.

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